‘The White Lotus’ Keeps Getting More And More Popular (As It Gets More And More Horny)

It’s too soon to say with any confidence that season two of The White Lotus is better than season one (there are two episodes left; also, both seasons are great). But one thing’s for sure: the HBO show’s sophomore season is more popular than its first.

Deadline reports that “Sunday’s episode checked in 2.3 million people across HBO Max and the linear telecasts,” which is “about 28 percent higher than last week’s viewership, and it’s a significant 23 percent jump from the season one finale‘s previous series high of 1.9 million viewers.” That’s 2.3 million watching that scene, and 2.3 million discussions about that scene. (They can’t actually be related, right? Right…?)

Viewership for the second installment has grown consistently week-over-week since season two debuted in October to 1.5 million viewers. The first episode has now amassed 9.5 million viewers, surpassing the season one average of 9.3 million viewers per episode. The White Lotus is once again the No. 1 title on HBO Max for the fourth consecutive week.

HBO is on a Sunday night hot streak. House of the Dragon exceeded everyone’s expectations; The White Lotus keeps getting more and more popular; and next up is The Last of Us, the highly-anticipated adaptation of one of the most acclaimed video games of all-time, and Succession, arguably the best show on TV.


Save some good shows for the other networks, jeez.

(Via Deadline)