Netflix Delivered Another ‘The Witcher’ Trailer And An Ominous Sneak Peak At What’s Ahead For Geralt And Ciri

We already know when we’ll see the second season of The Witcher at this point, as the Netflix series based on a video game and book series officially returns in December. The official trailer arrived at WitcherCon earlier in the year, too, and fans of the series know a lot is on the horizon in Season 2.

The latest trailer came Saturday, served up as a “road” to Season 2 that features a quick recap of the first season’s events as well as some considerable training montage moments for Ciri. But Netflix also gave fans another taste on Saturday as part of its Tudum event — you know, the sound the app makes when you first log in — with a slew of announcements and another sneak peek of what we’ll see from Geralt and Ciri in a few months.

The clip is extremely brief, but shows Geralt waking a sleeping Ciri to tell her to prepare for trouble. She seems startled to say the least, as Geralt drinks in preparation for attackers while the young girl leaves him for whatever fight is ahead. The rest of the clip is mostly silent, with Geralt creeping slowly around a castle prepared for a fight.

While we didn’t learn much from it, the clip is certainly a tease of some big action. Another scene shared on Saturday offered a look at some of the big tensions that Geralt will have to navigate in Season 2 as he tries to protect Ciri from danger, as is his oath.

All that news also came alongside some revelations about other Witcher spinoff shows. Not only was The Witcher already given a third season by Netflix, that news came with a behind-the-scenes video that the streaming service dropped on Saturday of The Witcher: Blood Origin.

It’s a lot of small morsels of Witcher content on a day where Netflix went all-out with announcements, but we’re still a few months away from figuring out exactly what’s waiting for Geralt in those darkened hallways when Season 2 drops on December 17.