Jude Law Is A Mysterious Rebel With Fancy Hats In HBO’s New Teaser For ‘The Young Pope’

A few things.

1. This is a new teaser for The Young Pope, an upcoming limited series from Sky Atlantic that will be shown in America on HBO. It is the brainchild of Oscar-winning Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino (The Great Beauty) and it stars Jude Law as the titular young pope — who is American and whose pre-pope given name is, and you can’t imagine how happy this makes me, “Lenny Belardo” — and Diane Keaton as a nun.

2. This is actually our second look at the show, as another trailer was released last month. This one reuses some of the same footage, but it does go a little further in showing how Law’s character, the fictional Pius XIII, is coming in and shaking up the Vatican with his rebellious attitude and brash ruling style. There is also a closeup of Jude Law wearing a very fancy wide-brimmed pope hat. That is very important.

3. At one point in the teaser, we hear some unseen character say the phrase “This pope does not negotiate,” which is one of the best sentences I’ve ever heard in a trailer or in my life, in general. I can’t stop saying it to myself. This pope does not negotiate. I’m sure the series will be great and very prestige-y because of the pedigree of the people and providers involved, but I’d just like to point out that I am only on point three and we’ve already got a rebel pope from America named Lenny Belardo who refuses to negotiate with anyone. I love this show.

4. The only way I could love this all any more is if they had taken “young pope” even further and made the character a surly teenager named, like, Chad. “Welcome home, hun. What did you do on your first day as pope?” “Ugh, nothing. Leave me alone.” Teen Pope, coming to the CW next fall.

5. Seriously, look at Jude Law’s friggin’ pope hat. I must have one.