This ‘Seinfeld’ Fan Broke The Door To Jerry’s Replica Apartment While Attempting A Kramer Entrance

To promote the debut of Seinfeld on Hulu, the streaming service created an amazingly detailed replica of Jerry’s Upper West Side apartment in New York City. Ravenous fans have flocked to the exhibit in droves, personally reliving moments from the show. One visitor got a little too excited while entering the famous set, though, and ended up damaging part it.

Tim McGeever posted a video of himself doing a Kramer-esque spin while entering the faux apartment. As he performs the move, his backpack smashes into the door frame, completely tearing it apart. His brief “oh crap” face at the end of the clip is pretty entertaining.

McGeever was a good sport about the whole thing, though, even going as far as to call himself “The Sein-failed guy” on his Facebook page.

This just goes to prove that no one can do it like the K-man.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)