Cardi B Has A, Uh, Unique Reason For Not Finishing Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ Yet

All week, my Twitter feed has been dominated by two subjects: coronavirus and Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness. The Netflix true-crime documentary is a genuine cultural sensation, largely spurred on by people being stuck in their homes with nothing else to do. But also: it’s a wild story about big cats and a murder-for-fire-plot, both involving Joseph Maldonado-Passage, a.k.a. would-be country music star Joe Exotic, a “polyamorous gay tiger breeder with a glorious bleached mullet whose promiscuous breeding habits get him into a blood feud with another big cat enthusiast, Carole Baskin.”

The seven-episode series is worth a watch, even if Cardi B couldn’t get through the second episode without having to take a, let’s say, break. “What ya think bout TigerKing?” the rapper asked her Twitter followers. “I’m on the second episode and I’m alittle lost cause I started f*cking.” I wonder what did it for Cardi: Joe Exotic’s shirts or facial hair?


Netflix responded to Cardi’s question, writing, “I’ll catch you up. where’d you stop? or .. rather, where’d you start?” She wasn’t done, though. “Carol you think you slick bitch” went one tweet (what did Cate Blanchett ever do to her?), while another added, “Who you think is more wrong? Narcissist joe? Or Greedy Carol? And why?”

Cardi B is truly the voice of the people.