It Turns Out Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ Won’t Be Revived By CMT After All

ABC’s cancellation of “real-talk” spouting, manly man show Last Man Standing blindsided Tim Allen when the plug was officially pulled last month, but reports of the show surviving on the Country Music Channel gave hope to those who looked to the sitcom to finally grow some hair on their chest. Sadly for the throngs of conservatives that gathered around the warming glow of their American-made television sets every Friday night, their boycotts and campaigns would fall on deaf ears. Country Music Channel, which airs repeats of the show, will not revive Last Man Standing.

Despite the comedy pulling in decent ratings, especially for a Friday night sitcom, the show was reportedly “on the bubble” for years. According to The Hollywood Reporter, which broke the news that CMT was passing on this unapologetically red-blooded show, the main reason CMT likely walked away from the deal was that it was just too expensive to continue producing.

Between Tim Allen wanting a raise after upcoming contract negotiations and using 20th Century Fox as an outside production company, it seems like Viacom just wanted to be done with it, protests and Allen’s comparison of being a conservative in Hollywood to being Jewish in 1930s Germany be damned.

(Via AV Club/Hollywood Reporter)