Timothée Chalamet Brought His Mom To ‘SNL’ But It Wasn’t Her First Time On The Show

Timothée Chalamet is no stranger to Saturday Night Live, though until recently it was simply the cast playing versions of Chalamet for themselves. But as it turns out, the NBC sketch comedy is actually a bit of a family affair. The Little Women actor and New York native hosted for the first time on Saturday, and he used his monologue to play a song about New York with Pete Davidson. He also told a story about his mom, who actually is no stranger to Studio 8H.

As Chalamet explained, his mother was the reason he got into acting in the first place. And she was actually an extra on SNL in the past, back when

“Before I was born my mom was a dance teacher, but occasionally she would do background work on Saturday Night Live,” Chalamet said. They then rolled a clip from a Dana Carvey and Chris Farley sketch from November of 1991 called “Massive Head Wound Harry.”

“Yup, that’s my mom,” Chalamet said. “She almost got spit on by Chris Farley.”

As it turns out, Chalamet brought his mom to the show on Saturday, and they showed her wearing a mask in the crowd and she got a nice ovation. The monologue continued to a classic bit: letting the host pretend to play piano and riff about something. And it was New York he chose to talk about, though it was a bit of an absurdist take on Christmas in the city, including getting his first “New Year’s Eve kiss” from Mr Met’s daughter, Stacey Met.

“I know all the boroughs,” Chalamet said, managing to name one. “Brooklyn, Querns and Boca Raton.”

It helped that Pete Davidson came out to also play along, though his version of Staten Island is likely to make some folks living there as upset as the last time he talked about it on the show. The two New Yorkers actually teamed up on the show several times on Saturday, showing some chemistry in later in a sketch about something Davidson also knows a lot about: white rappers.

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