‘SNL’ Unlocked The Power Of Timothée Chalamet To Make Us Feel Something For A Tiny Horse

The charm of SNL is that it lets its hosts show off different sides of themselves. But the show also finds greatness when it just lets a host do their thing. Such is the case with Tiny Horse, a prerecorded sketch from last night’s episode where Beck Bennett, Chloe Fineman, and host Timothée Chalamet commit like hell to the premise of a poor farm family on the cusp of losing everything. Including Chalomet’s cherished tiny horse. Which is just so darn tiny. Tiny Horse, how’d you get so tiny? Look out for the oral history on that in a couple of years, but for now, let’s all bask in how SNL weaponized Timothée Chalamet’s sad-eyed stare.

I haven’t felt this much for a horse since we all sang a song to say goodbye to Lil Sebastian on Parks And Rec. And while Chalemet’s earnest ballad pulls on those same heartstrings, recalling the plot of literally every horse movie ever made, it also sets up a silly punchline that only lands so hard because Chalamet is Chalameting the sh*t out of the scene.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic seeing Timbo piss off Questlove or get really into a sketch about delusional Jets fans (there’s a joke I’m leaving on the table because I honestly think Jets fans dig the pain or else why would they be Jets fans?), but having him metaphorically cry into a fireplace over the big hole in his heart caused by losing his tiny horse is perfection.