Tommy Wiseau Voices An Intergalactic Bounty Hunter In The Animated Pilot ‘SpaceWorld’

Tommy Wiseau, auteur of the so-bad-it’s-great classic The Room, has a lot of projects in the pipeline; last we heard from him he had a trailer for a movie about a big shark that wasn’t yet financed, called Big Shark. So here’s another thing that might become real from the maker of the worst movie ever: As per Deadline, Wiseau has made public the pilot for SpaceWorld, an animated show with him voicing an intergalactic bounty hunter.

The show reunites Wiseau once more with Greg Sestero, his long-suffering friend, who helped him make The Room and even co-starred as Mark, the bestie who cuckolds Wiseau’s Johnny by getting it on with his beloved Lisa. Wiseau, his long dark hair retained in his animated likeness, voices TX, a mystery man in search of his home planet. Sestero is Drogol, his robotic lifelong nemesis.

The SpaceWorld pilot is clearly live so Wiseau and Sestero can get financing for a whole series, which will find TX and Drogol cruising the universe, meeting various alien lifeforms and, who knows? Maybe they’ll play some alleyway football. You can watch the full, roughly five-minute pilot above, and revel in its self-aware humor — another sign, after 2017’s biopic The Disaster Artist, that Wiseau has fully embraced the fact that everyone likes to laugh at him, not sob at his sad story of failed relationships and heartbreak.

(Via Deadline)