‘Final Jeopardy’ Was Very Lonely For This Contestant

Tonight’s episode of Jeopardy! was very bad. “How bad was it?” It was so bad that even host Alex Trebek admitted, “This was not one of our greatest days.” In fact, only Kristin in the banner image has anything to smile about after this episode, because she was the only contestant who advanced to the Final Jeopardy round. If you’re a casual viewer of the beloved game show wondering how in the brainiest of hells only one contestant advances, it’s really quite simple – the other two contestants had to finish below zero.

Amazingly, this wasn’t the first time that such a feat occurred, as the episode that aired on March 16, 2011 most recently had a contestant flying solo in Final Jeopardy. So how far below zero did the other contestants, Brad and Stephanie, finish on tonight’s episode?

Their faces really say it all. It’s worth pointing out that Brad would have advanced if he’d just left his clicker alone, and Stephanie could have dug herself out of this hole by correctly answering two $2,000 questions. Unfortunately…

So for emphasis, let’s examine her facial expression again…

The only thing missing was Kristin pulling a Cliff Clavin and blowing it all when she had it in the bag. But even Cliff had company in Final Jeopardy. Poor, poor Stephanie. This was certainly not one of her greatest days. For us it was fantastic, but not her.