Transgender ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider Has Already Knocked Out A Historic Milestone With Her Winning Streak

Amy Schneider achieved ‘Jeopardy!’ champ status during Trans Awareness Week, and she’s already knocked out a historic milestone.

Schneider, a transgender woman who hails from Oakland, California, ejected a five-time champ and has kept her own winning streak going for nine games (so far) while gathering over $342,000 in winnings. In the process, she’s revealed that there’s only one thing that really “sucks” about winning (and that thing makes her a pretty awesome winner), and she’s also made an on-screen subtle gesture to the trans community (on the Thanksgiving day episode). Her victories continue, and she’s already knocked out some history in the process.

Following up on Kate Freeman’s status as the first openly transgender champ (in 2020), Amy has become the first trans contestant to qualify for the show’s annual “Tournament Of Champions.” So even if Amy’s winning streak ends, she’ll be back to go head-to-head with other champs in the future. Via ABC 7 News in Los Angeles, Schneider reflected on that milestone and revealed one reason why she was inspired to keep aiming for contestant status (and she nailed it on the third interview):

“Once I got to episodes three and four, I knew the fifth one was in sight,” she said. “Once I got it, it was a great feeling, mostly because I was having fun and I didn’t want to stop. By qualifying for the fifth one, I knew I would come back.

“I am from Ohio where the only trans people I thought of were drag queens or prostitutes,” she said. “Seeing other trans women in a good spotlight inspired me to not be afraid of trying to compete in the thing I have always loved.”

Amy added that she grew up watching Jeopardy!, and she hopes that she can set an example for future contestants/champs. “I am so incredibly grateful,” she told ABC 7. “Hopefully I can send a positive message to the nerdy trans girl who wants to be on the show too.” Her post-game tweets might be slower for a few days, though, since Amy (unfortunately) burned her hand in the kitchen. Best wishes for some speedy healing.

(Via ABC 7 News)