Transgender ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider Has Nothing But Praise For Ken Jennings’ Hosting: ‘He’s Very Relaxed And Sets Contestants At Ease’

It’s no secret it’s been a rocky year for Jeopardy! Following the loss of former host Alex Trebek last November, the show has gone through some awkward growing pains as it’s tried to lock down new hosts, with each of Trebek’s temporary replacements coming with quite a bit of baggage and controversy. However, after a few stumbles, it seems like the hit game show is once again finding itself thanks to the help of a few brilliant champs: newcomer Amy Schneider and Jeopardy! veteran Ken Jennings.

Since starting her winning streak on November 17, Schneider has been a real source of joy for Jeopardy! fans. The Oakland, California engineering manager made news as the first openly transgender contestant to ever win the game, and has racked up over a quarter-million dollars since she first bested former champion Andrew Pau. In addition to being a fun contestant to watch play the game, Schneider made a name for herself as being an incredibly kind and graceful participant, sharing her thoughts on the game, her fellow players, and her connection with the transgender community via her Twitter. There’s no denying Schneider has always been quick to dole out compliments and give credit where credit is due, and in her latest statement, she extended that kindness to the current guest host of Jeopardy! — and former longtime champion — Ken Jennings.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Schneider told the outlet she was having a great time playing the game with Jennings’ serving as its host. According to Schneider, the 74-time-winning Jeopardy! star has been good at relaxing the players — most likely because he gets what they’re going through.

“He’s very relaxed and sets contestants at ease. He knows what we’re going through,” Schneider said. “He wants to get everybody there to be relaxed and have fun: ‘It’s a game, it’s cool, let’s just have a good time out here.’”

While it’s uncertain who will take over hosting Jeopardy! full time, it’s clear Jennings is doing a pretty solid job during his turn at it and even the players themselves are noticing. Both Schneider and Jennings will continue their times on Jeopardy! tonight, at 7pm EST.