Which Simpson Has Died The Most Often In The ‘Treehouse Of Horror’ Episodes?

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The most surprising thing about the first “Treehouse of Horror,” which aired 27 years ago this week, isn’t the slow pacing, or Marge introducing the “really scary” episode — it’s the lack of deaths. Only a single character, “Lost Lenore” in Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven,” passes away, and it happens off-screen. Meanwhile, in “Treehouse of Horror VIII,” a Fox censor is murdered by a sentient knife and Springfield is blown to smithereens by a bomb, killing literally hundreds of characters. Including four out of five Simpsons.

Death is a huge part of The Simpsons‘ now-annual Halloween episodes. But which member of the core family — Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie — has died the most? Because I’m a weirdo who apparently enjoys watching fictional cartoon characters get strangled, chocked, and sliced, I re-watched every “Treehouse of Horror,” and kept track of all the deaths. (If I were to have included every Springfield resident, I would have gone crazier than Homer without TV and beer.) Here they are, ranked by number of casualties.

5. Maggie: 7 deaths

-Killed by the Grim Reaper

-Blown up by a bomb

-Shredded by Mr. Burns’ gate while trick or treating

-Cooked by Kang and Kodos

-Killed by Homer’s bomb

-Earth explodes

-Her corpse is seen slung over Willie’s shoulder

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