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In January, “Two and a Half Men” was recorded without an audience because Emmy-winning nancy boy Jon Cryer believed his ex-wife, Sarah Trigger, hired an assassin to kill him. Well, there are new details/rumors about the murder that I’m still waiting on, as Trigger claims her ex-boyfriend, Eddie Sanchez, threatened to kill Cryer and her estranged husband David Dickey. This all happened inside the Humorous Surname Emporium, of course.

Trigger’s lawyer claims on December 21, 2009, Trigger told her that her ex-boyfriend, Eddie Sanchez, had said he was going to kill Cryer and Trigger’s estranged husband, David Dickey.

Trigger’s lawyer became so alarmed she contacted lawyers for both Cryer and Dickey. On January 10, Dickey confronted Sanchez. According to legal docs, “Mr. Sanchez not only flatly denied making such a statement, but he said that it was [Sarah Trigger] who had contacted him on numerous occasions, stating that she wanted to see the pair [Cryer and Dickey] dead, and even asking Mr. Sanchez if he would kill the pair, or if he would not, inquiring whether she could speak with Mr. Sanchez’s father about this issue.” [TMZ]

None of that makes a lick of sense to me. Ugh, why do lawyers always have to get involved and bog things down? If these people spent half the time trying to find a decent hitman that they spent on the phone with their lawyers, we wouldn’t be in the predicament we’re in today. I mean, would it really be so hard to dress Cryer up like a prostitute? Because Charlie Sheen would kill him for free.

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