UPROXX Interview: Stephanie Drake Has No Idea How Her ‘Mad Men’ Character, Meredith, Still Has A Job

Last night was the first Sunday night in weeks that didn’t feature a new episode of Mad Men. Thus, this Monday marks the first in weeks in which we don’t have a Mad Men recap up on the site. And for that reason, we’re a little sad. The room feels a bit empty. Something’s missing, and the void we’re feeling feels like it came upon us so abruptly, doesn’t it? (A seven episode season is just way too short.) Wouldn’t it be so much better if there were some way for us to all wean ourselves off of Mad Men a bit?

Well, in an effort to do just that, today we present to you Stephanie Drake, AKA Meredith from Mad Men. According to her bio, Stephanie grew up in Philadelphia, Augusta, Baltimore, and Houston, and she honed her comedic acting and improv skills at the University of Southern California and the Upright Citizens Brigade. She was kind enough to spend a few minutes chatting with us recently, where we discussed her character making an ill-timed move on Don Draper, how she came to be on the show, and what Jon Hamm smells like, among other things.

UPROXX: Meredith has become one of our favorite characters on Mad Men. The “I am Your Strength” scene from last Sunday’s finale, where you made a move on Don just after handing him a termination letter, was one of my favorite scenes in the history of the show. I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about what it was like filming that scene and did you and Jon Hamm have trouble keeping straight faces during it?

STEPHANIE: Well, thank you so much. No, we didn’t have a hard time. I think the very first time when we did it we were both a little nervous. I know I was. But once we rehearsed it and we started going, no. We both had to be very serious in this scene. You know, I’m upset. I don’t understand what’s going on. I want to help my boss in any way I can. And he’s getting this letter from me saying he’s going to get fired. So the tone of the scene is still very serious, but anything with Meredith is very silly and she chooses, oh God the absolute worst time to try to console him with a kiss. A couple of months after we shot the scene Matt (Weiner) told me he saw a rough cut of the scene and he said it looked great and he said that if Meredith had made this move any other time, any other day that she’d be pregnant.

UPROXX: (Laughter)

STEPHANIE: I love Meredith because it’s so typical of her and the scene was wonderful to do and Jon is a wonderful, wonderful scene partner and it was great. It was absolutely wonderful.

UPROXX: How many takes did you guys film of that particular scene?

STEPHANIE: I think we must have done at least 12 to 15 times. I honestly can’t remember. We shot this back in January.