Must Watch It Looks Like ‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Have A New Least-Favorite Character – Video

In the first few seasons of The Walking Dead, fans used to enjoy hating on certain characters as much as they enjoyed others. Lori Grimes, for instance, fueled the fan community’s hatred until the early part of the third season, and then a character-assassinated Andrea picked up the baton of The Walking Dead‘s most hated character. It had been mostly quiet on that front since the death of Andrea, although Morgan elicited the occasional grumble in the first half of the season, Father Gabriel went through a bad phase, Carl was not particularly well-liked for a while, Eugene seems to get on the nerves of some viewers lately and, of course, Ron was well despised.

Still, we haven’t had a real Lori Grimes/Andrea situation until recently, when one particular character caught hate-fire among viewers.

I speak, of course, of Enid. She is everyone’s least-favorite television trope: The Bratty Teenage Daughter. Enid has become the Dana Brody of The Walking Dead: Sullen, withdrawn, self-involved.

In fact, Enid hasn’t been well-liked from the beginning. Last year, viewers distrusted her because many thought she was secretly a wolf, who had infiltrated Alexandria as a spy. Even after we learned of her origin story — and that she’d had to witness the death of her parents — she gained little sympathy. Tossing water to Glenn while under the dumpster, and ultimately helping Glenn save Maggie didn’t win her much favor, either. In fact, some people have even suggested she’s one of the Saviors.

Twitter has not been kind to Enid. During Sunday night’s episode, whenever Enid appeared on screen, Twitter would sigh a collective groan. As excited as Twitter was about Rick and Michonne, they were just as annoyed with Enid.

While watching the show, I began to notice it so much that I collected a few of the hundreds of anti-Enid tweets. Here’s what Twitter thinks of Enid:

Unfortunately for the anti-Enid camp, I doubt Enid will get eaten by walkers anytime soon. Given her relationship with Glenn and Maggie now, she’s clearly following the Sophia storyline in the comics, which means she could be around for a very long time.

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