AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Announces A February Return Ahead Of The 11th Season’s Midseason Finale

The end is nigh for television’s most famous show all about, well, nigh endings. Earlier today, AMC released a new trailer teasing the return of The Walking Dead‘s eleventh and final season following the first of its two midseason finales on Sunday, October 10. Based on the grim trailer, it looks like we can expect to reunite with our heroes as they begin the fight for their lives against both the Reapers and the sickeningly sweet yet undoubtedly sinister Commonwealth on February 20, 2022. This second portion of the show’s 11th season will feature eight additional episodes, with the series’ final eight to come later next year.

While the show’s 11th season has gotten off to a fairly quiet start with fairly mixed reviews, it seems like the current uptick in drama will ultimately end in a cliffhanger of some variety with October 10’s midseason finale somewhat forbiddingly titled “For Blood.” It then seems the show will pivot to finally bringing all its (still living) major players together in what will surely make the whole series every bit as tense as each of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie’s (Lauren Cohan) scenes with one another. So like, wildly tense.

While it’s still hard to believe everything is coming to an end, all you Walking Dead fans out there can rest assured knowing that while the main series might be at long last coming to a close there’s still plenty of Walking Dead spin-offs in the works. For one thing, we still have an entire movie following Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes’ adventures after he departed the series back in 2018 on the way. There’s also the show’s prequel series, Fear the Walking Dead, which is debuting its seventh season on October 17, and the teen series Walking Dead: World Beyond, which is currently airing its second season. Last but not least, we’ve got at least one additional spin-off coming in the shape of a series’ following fan favorites Daryl and Carol, and it definitely wouldn’t surprise us if even more are announced following the show’s finale.

The Walking Dead‘s eighth episode and midseason finale airs Sunday, October 10, and will then be followed by a lengthy break until the series’ returns on February 20, 2022.