Walton Goggins Shows Off His Clogging Skills While Revealing His Connection To Blues Legend B.B. King

Walton Goggins is back to playing a villain in the new version of Tomb Raider that is about to hit the big screen. He was on Conan Thursday to promote the film, but the appearance was far from nefarious. Delightful is probably a bit more fitting since Goggins shared the story of how he used to clog alongside blues legend B.B. King and then gives a demonstration with J.B. Smoove.

It might look a bit like the Riverdance, especially when Smoove is doing it, but clog-dancing the way Goggins demonstrates has ties to the Appalachian music and is the official state dance of Kentucky and North Carolina.

His tale about hanging around with B.B. King and his band is a special addition, especially the part where the blues musician gave him $100 and told him to “see the world.” That’s not exactly a lot of money, but it is enough to secure a friendship over the years and until the day King died according to Goggins.

The Clogging Goggins is an unfortunate nickname, though. Even if it works and is a natural conclusion, you still don’t want to be stuck with something like that throughout life. Probably a reason why he keeps the guitar playing — and we can assume the clogging — under wraps. Then again, it did look pretty cool on Justified. Meaning this is yet another reminder that Justified is no more.

You have to like that all of his Conan appearances end up devolving about his experience living in the country.

(Via Team Coco)