Wanda Sykes Filled In For Jimmy Kimmel And Roasted Mark Zuckerberg For Celebrating The 4th ‘In The Dorkiest Way Possible’

Jimmy Kimmel may be on vacation at the moment, but the job of dragging the rich dorks of the world for being rich dorks doesn’t take a break for anyone. So on Tuesday night, the formidable Wanda Sykes—who is filling in for Kimmel all this week—made sure to spend a few moments discussing the viral video of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg looking as out of touch with the real world as Gwyneth Paltrow while he paid tribute to the United States in what Skyes called “the dorkiest way possible.” Here’s a sneak peek:

Jimmy Kimmel Live via YouTube

It’s a short clip, but Sykes had plenty to say about it, which was presumably Zuckerberg’s way of thanking your parents and that one kid you went to kindergarten with then never saw again for sticking with his social media platform, which you can watch above starting around the 1:55 mark above: “For some reason, that offends me more than the people who stormed the Capitol,” Sykes said. “It wasn’t exactly Washington crossing the Delaware, was it?”

Sykes went on to describe “riding an electric surfboard by yourself while holding the flag” as “the saddest thing you’ve ever seen.” Though in many ways, she was also happy to see that American patriotism as we know it, along with stupidity in the name of celebrating the grand ol’ US of A, was back in full force this year, noting: “I will say, after dealing with nothing but COVID, it was nice for a change to have our emergency rooms crowded with people who blew their fingers off with fireworks. That’s progress… right?”

Sadly, yes.