Wanda Sykes Proves That She’s ‘Not Normal’ In The Trailer For Her Netflix Special

Comedy veteran Wanda Sykes is the latest stand-up performer to help build Netflix’s cache of content for those who find comfort in placing a delightfully absurd spin on the strange world we live in today. She will get a little political, if this trailer is any indication (and she confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that she could not ignore “the orange elephant in the room”), but those subjects are cradled within her own unique perspective with plenty of physical flourishes. Expect plethoras of wit and sharp-tongued, high-energy delivery along the way in this one-hour special, Wanda Sykes: Not Normal.

The Emmy Award winning writer (who cut her teeth on The Chris Rock Show in the 1990s) has captured laughs for three decades. It’s no wonder that EW included her on their list of 25 Funniest People in America while she enjoyed a lengthy run on Curb Your Enthusiasm and several films. Sykes’ recognizable voice has also featured in several Ice Age movies (as Sid’s Granny, perhaps the funniest character in the franchise), Rio, and Over The Hedge. Her most recent big-screen voice appearance arrived with Ugly Dolls, which arrived earlier this month in theaters.

Netflix’s Wanda Sykes: Not Normal will stream on May 21, 2019.