Wanda Sykes Is Stunned By Low GOP Voter Vaccination Rates: ‘For A Party That Claims To Be Pro-Life, They’re Acting Very Pro-Death’

Wanda Sykes must have made Jimmy Kimmel proud once more on Wednesday night, as she’s done a stellar job of dragging the patriarchy while guest-hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live! while he’s on vacation. On Wednesday night’s show, she devoted part of her monologue to new research which shows that counties that voted for Trump in the 2020 presidential election have drastically lower vaccination rates.

“Eighty percent of Democrats have received at least one shot of a vaccine; only 45 percent of Republicans have had one shot. You know, for a party that claims to be pro-life, they’re acting very pro-death… They say Republican men are the least likely to get vaccinated, but they are the most likely to Google ‘pill that fixes baldness and penis.’”

Wait, there’s a pill for that?

Sykes went on to explain that “less than half the country is fully vaccinated, which is ridiculous. Basically, dying from COVID in America at this point is optional. It’s like getting gored at the running of the bulls. You get a horn up your ass, that’s on you!”

The poll that Sykes was referring to was a Washington Post-ABC News poll, which found some other pretty striking disparities between Democrats and Republicans when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine — while only 6 percent of Democrats said they’d likely outright pass on getting vaccinated, 47 percent of Republicans said the same. And while 60 percent of the unvaccinated masses think that the dangers of COVID have been exaggerated, another 18 percent believed that the government was being honest in its warnings about the virus.

You can watch Sykes’s full thoughts on the topic above, starting around the 2:55 mark.