Marvel Just Unveiled A Whole Lot Of ‘Agatha All Along’ Merchandise For ‘WandaVision’ Fans

When Disney+ first launched, it left a significant amount of merchandising money on the table by keeping Baby Yoda tightly under wraps before his big debut in The Mandalorian. That’s definitely not the case for WandaVision. Less than a week after the show revealed that Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes is — spoilers ahead — secretly the mischievous witch Agatha Harkness, the official Marvel website is now loaded with merchandise for Hahn’s catchy, confessional theme song “Agatha All Along.”

As part of its weekly “Marvel Must Haves” drop, the new “Agatha All Along” merch includes an insane amount of items festooned with the hit song. Here’s the full list:

  • “Agatha All Along” socks
  • “Agatha All Along” water bottles
  • “Agatha All Along” T-shirts
  • “Agatha All Along” coffee mugs
  • “Agatha All Along” phone case
  • “Agatha All Along” poster
  • “Agatha All Along” tote bag
  • “Agatha All Along” trucker hat
  • “Agatha All Along” hoodie
  • “Agatha All Along” mousepad
  • “Agatha All Along” tumblers
  • “Agatha All Along” drinking glasses
  • “Agatha All Along” headband

Like we said, it’s a whole lot of Agatha merch. But it also shows how much faith Marvel had in Kathryn Hahn‘s performance. Her character has been a fan-favorite from the very first episode, and her “Agatha All Along” theme song went viral shortly after its big reveal in Episode 7. Agatha might also be tied to larger events happening in the MCU. WandaVision director Mat Shakman recently opened up about how Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige gave specific notes on Wanda learning Agatha’s true identity for the first time. There’s clearly a lot riding on the Marvel witch, and we’re not just talking about selling trucker hats.

(Via Marvel)