The ‘WandaVision’ Director Has Poured Cold Water On A Prominent Fan Theory Ahead Of The Series Finale

Thanks to its weekly release schedule of episodes chock-full of Easter eggs, WandaVision has been a non-stop source of fan theories as Marvel junkies parse through each scene looking for clues as to what happens next. However, the fan theories have taken on a life of their own far beyond what the show’s creators intended. Even with only one episode left to air this Friday, fans are still buzzing about the possibility of major Marvel characters making an appearance on the show, and judging by WandaVision director’s Matt Shakman’s latest interview, they might want to prepare themselves for some disappointment.

While talking to Comic Book ahead of Friday’s series finale, Shakman made it a point to shoot down one of WandaVision‘s biggest fan theories. Namely, that Monica’s aerospace engineer contact is actually Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. Even though the show already depicted Monica meeting the engineer in Episode 7, fans are still convinced that Monica merely met the soldiers tasked with dropping off the vehicle that failed to break through Wanda’s Hex and Reed Richards will appear in the finale to ask what happened to his “truck.” However, Shakman has now made it clear that the Mr. Fantastic cameo isn’t happening even though that would’ve been “pretty great”:

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. The single tear down every fan’s cheek, I know, aerospace engineers and the like,” Shakman said in an interview with “I have been so taken by the passionate interest in the show. And I love the memes they have created, the Tik Tok videos, the theories. I mean, my gosh, the people making these theories are more creative than I am, so thank you! There’s a lot of wonderful response to it and for those who get a little bit disappointed each week. Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa.”

Of course, there’s always the chance that Shakman is trying to keep fans off balance, which wouldn’t be unusual for a Marvel production. But he also spoke to TVLine ahead of the WandaVision finale, and he seems to be pretty intent on preparing people for their theories to not pan out. “I know there will be a lot of disappointed people with some theories and some who will feel very smart, but you can’t please everybody, obviously,” Shakman said. “But I hope folks enjoy the ride.”

(Via Comic Book & TVLine)