Even The ‘WandaVision’ Theme Songs Are Keeping The Devil In The Details

As Marvel fans scramble to unravel the mystery of what’s really happening in WandaVision, the songwriting duo behind the Disney+ series ever-changing theme songs have revealed an interesting detail. While explaining the process of coming up with new music that matches the sitcom era of each episode, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Bobby Lopez, who’s previous work includes both Frozen films and Coco, shared that each theme song contains a very specific musical trick with a name that could hint at an evil something — or someone — lurking beneath WandaVision. Via IndieWire:

“One of the techniques of this show is to use a bright and cheery sound, and then juxtapose it with a creepy situation,” he says. He brings up the rhyme from “A Nightmare on Elm Street” — “One, two, Freddy’s coming for you” — as a great example.

The duo explains they want the audience to feel that paranoia. “We put a tritone in the main theme which is [considered] the devil’s interval, and it might feel creepy, sometimes dreamy,” Lopez said.

That now makes two references to the “devil” in WandaVision. During Episode 2, Kathryn Hahn‘s Agnes made the off-handed remark, “That’s not the only place he is,” when one of the characters said “the devil is in the details.” This quickly led to fan theories that the Marvel villain Mephisto could show up on the Disney+ series, and may even be Agnes’ husband, Ralph, who has yet to make an appearance.

However, Elizabeth Olsen recently told Elle that the show might not even have a “villain” in the way that Marvel fans are using to seeing them on screen. “Someone said to me when you watch any of these hero movies, you know when the villain’s about to show themselves, and you also have an idea of who the villain is. With our show, you don’t know what the villain is, or if there is one at all,” Olsen said.

Of course, Marvel is notoriously secret, so Olsen could simply be doing her part to keep fans guessing.

(Via IndieWire)