Watch Conan And Jordan Schlansky Work Together To Solve Their Way Out Of Escape Room LA

When Conan and Jordan Schlansky get together for any sort of activity, it always seems to turn into Coco verbally punching his associate producer with little to no response. This is no different, but the catch this time is that they have to work together to solve a mystery.

Escape Room L.A. is mystery/activity/team building location where a group is placed within a themed room (The Detective or…The Cavern) and forced to solve riddles in order to escape said room. Conan and Jordan take on the detective room, complete with period garb, and soon find out that their boasts on beating the record time were a boast too far.

This clip is worth it for Conan being an ass. He laments the decision to enter the room, bangs on the door to ask for escape, and essentially does nothing to help Jordan solve anything until the very end.

(Via Team Coco)