‘Weekend Update’ Shares All Of The Jokes That Were Too Offensive To Air This Season On The ‘SNL’ Finale

While most of Weekend Update during SNL‘s finale was typical for this season, complete with another senseless appearance by the Trump boys, Michael Che and Colin Jost decided to close things out by sharing some of the jokes that were too hot to air earlier in the season. From the Boy Scouts to New York’s pot laws, the offensive pile lived up to its name — just don’t expect any of these at the Emmys when this pair hosts.

The tamest one of the bunch was probably the joke about the one-armed woman that got arrested, while Hamilton probably got savaged just the right amount for that PornHub parody. And the Cat Lady got it rough, no doubt about it.

You’d have to think that this can’t be the most offensive or explicit jokes that have been written for Weekend Update this season. The edge has been there more than previous seasons, but there had to be some sharp stuff left at the writing sessions or in the pitch meeting. It’d be nice to see this become a recurring segment for Saturday Night Live, though. Just spend the final part of Weekend Update during the finale sharing the jokes that were “too hot!” for the network censors. Even if they weren’t, it is better than whatever they’ve got about the latest Trump news.

Oh, and the BBQ lady making a cameo at the end? Perfection.

(Via SNL)