02.09.10 9 years ago 18 Comments

Here’s video of Mike Tyson’s recent appearance on Italy’s “Dancing with the Stars” (watch below). I suppose there’s some humor in his lack of grace with partner Elena Coniglio, but to me it’s just depressing. Now, I understand that “DWTS” no longer carries the inherent D-list shame it used to, and I respect that Tyson’s on a long road recovering from his professional fall from grace, a long addiction to drugs, financial ruin, and the death of his daughter. But that still doesn’t make the former heavyweight champ’s awkward waddling to music any easier to watch. It’s like, Dude! Wasn’t footwork part of your JOB at one point in your life? This is the equivalent of me becoming illiterate in twenty years. Which, given my drinking, isn’t all that unthinkable.


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