‘Westworld’ Has A Lot In Common With A Classic ‘Simpsons’ Episode

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10.05.16 5 Comments


Every episode of The Simpsons from seasons four, five, and six can be considered a “classic.” But sometimes “classic” isn’t a strong enough word: “Marge in Chains,” “The Boy Who Knew Too Much,” and “Bart vs. Australia,” for instance, are all wonderful episodes, but even they’re a slight step below “Marge vs. the Monorail,” “Last Exit to Springfield,” and “Homer Goes to College.” Maybe it’s a controversial choice — like saying the so-called “Golden Age” extends to season 12 — but I’d group season six’s “Itchy & Scratchy Land” into this next-level “classic” group. It’s certainly quotable enough.

“All right, we’re here. Now let us never speak of the shortcut again.”

“We’re now approaching our final destination, Itchy and Scratchy Land: the amusement park of the future where nothing can possi-blye go wrong. Uh, possibly go wrong. That’s the first thing that’s ever gone wrong.”

“No, my son is also named Bort.”

“Attention, Marge Simpson: we’ve also arrested your older, balder, fatter son.”

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