The Whisperers On ‘The Walking Dead’ Are The Worst Cult Ever

11.25.18 8 months ago 2 Comments


Spoilers for AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead‘ will be found below.

Though we have seen them a few times this season already, The Whisperers were formally introduced to The Walking Dead this week in a huge way, after one of its members stabbed Jesus to death in one of the most shocking scenes in the history of the series. The Whisperers will stick around for at least the rest of the season (if not well into season 10) and will be the primary villains.

For the unfamiliar, let me just say this: It must suck to be a Whisperer. Of all the villains on The Walking Dead, this is the one I least understand, if only because I don’t understand why anyone would choose this life. Basically, they’re nomads. The wear the skin of walkers, walk amongst the zombies, and kill anyone who refuses to join their little cult. They also believe that the zombie apocalypse is a good thing, that all humans are animals, and that the apocalypse levels the playing field, so to speak. It’s basically a course correction for planet Earth.

These people are total nut jobs. I mean, just think about it: What kind of person willingly chooses to live inside the skin of a zombiefied corpse? Can you imagine the smell? Or how difficult it must be to eat around someone else’s dead mouth? How do they even decide what zombie’s skin to wear? Do they look at a pack of zombies and say, “What a beautiful suit of rotten skin! I’ll take that one! Just sew that dead woman’s face on top of mine.” Do they have to find a zombie that’s the perfect size so that their butt holes line up?

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