What Happens When Vic And Gloria Try To Run Away In ‘Power’?

(SPOILERS for this week’s Power Book IV: Force will be found below.)

Vic and Gloria’s relationship has been a complicated one from the get-go. Gloria has yet to be accepted into the Flynn family due to their desire to have Vic marry an Irish woman in order for him to take over the family business — that being the Irish Crime Family. Vic has struggled to pick between his responsibilities to the family and his true desires, and this battle nearly drove Gloria away from him. However, after she disappeared in last week’s episode, Vic made the decision to finally place her above the family. So, finally, when she returns, Vic only sees one option for them: run away.

What Happens When Vic And Gloria Try To Run Away?

Vic’s decision to run away with Gloria is aided by a courteous head’s up that he received from Tommy. After a meeting with Walter, Tommy informs Vic that Walter is going to try and kill Gloria, and despite his initial skepticism, Vic believes Tommy and decides it’s time to head out of Chicago. Tommy gives Vic the keys to a clean new car to drive away in and instructs him to use backroads and quiet streets. Unfortunately, Vic doesn’t listen to Tommy and it seemingly costs Gloria her life as she and Vic are ambushed at an intersection in Chicago. Gunshots are exchanged and it results in Gloria being shot in the head which leaves Vic in absolute devastation.

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