What’s Tommy And Gloria’s Relationship Status In ‘Power?’

(SPOILERS for this week’s Power Book IV: Force will be found below.)

After making the move from New York City to Chicago, it didn’t take long for Tommy Egan to find new love. In fact, he found it in the first episode of 50 Cent’s Power Book IV: Force. Gloria, who is a bartender at a local bar, caught Tommy’s attention and things between the two have been hot and steamy from the jump. However, their fling didn’t come without complications, since Gloria also has a romantic history with Vic Flanagan, who isn’t too fond of Tommy for multiple reasons. However, when Tommy and Vic set aside their differences to work together, it causes a change in Tommy’s relationship with Gloria.

What’s Tommy And Gloria’s Relationship Status In ‘Power?’

Halfway into this week’s episode, Tommy is forced to break things off with Gloria. While he certainly enjoys her presence, Tommy’s main reason for being in Chicago is to make as much money as possible. With a new deal in place between him, Vic, and Diamond, Tommy isn’t about to let the love triangle that is him, Vic, and Gloria mess things up.

Gloria is accepting of Tommy’s reason to end things, but who knows, maybe later on in the season, we’ll see Tommy and Gloria reconnect and pick up where they left off.

New episodes of STARZ’s ‘Power Book IV: Force’ are available to watch on Sunday at 12:00am EST.