What Happened Between Vic And Gloria In ‘Power?’

(SPOILERS for this week’s Power Book IV: Force will be found below.)

Aside from all the drama, gunshots, and drug dealing that goes on in Power Book IV: Force, there are softer moments that attempt to balance out the chaotic show. One of those includes romances between the show’s characters. One of the more prominent ones takes place between Vic Flynn, son of Walter Flynn from the Irish Crime Family, and Gloria, who is a bartender at a bar that is somehow connected to the Irish Crime Family. The two have had rocky moments together, but things seemed to finally be going well until between them. That is, before this week’s episode at least.

What Happened Between Vic And Gloria In ‘Power?’

After spending the night together at Gloria’s house, Vic wakes up to see that she’s nowhere to be found. He finds a note from her that says she’s run off to some unknown location, and that their relationship as they know it is over. Vic tries to call and text her, but he’s successful in his attempts to get in contact with her. Vic takes her disappearance to heart as it came shortly after he decided to prioritize her over his family’s desires.

In prior episodes, Walter made it clear that he would never give Gloria his blessing to join the family as he wants Vic to be with an Irish woman capable of joining the family business.

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