How Does Tommy Plan To Take Down The Serbian Mafia In ‘Power?’

(SPOILERS for this week’s Power Book IV: Force will be found below.)

One of Tommy Egan’s main goals in Chicago is to make as much money as possible before moving on to the next city. One way he wants to do that is by knocking the Serbian Mafia out of the city and control the drug pipeline that held on the west side of Chicago. To do this, Tommy would have to knock off their leaders which he did in episode four. He was forced to do this without Diamond, as he felt like the task was too dangerous, but things are changing.

How Does Tommy Take Down The Serbs In ‘Power?’

After Diamond refused to help Tommy in episode four, Tommy recruited Vic to help him get the job done and begin knocking off the Serbian Mafia. After Diamond learns about Vic’s involvement, he changes his mind and decides to help Tommy and Vic with the takeover. The trio agrees on a 34-33-33 split for the Serbs’ pipeline when they are taken down. Tommy and Vic also agree that the majority in the split will go to Diamond.

The trio gathers their troops and they invade the Serbs territory and successfully kill all the members in their way. Things don’t do exactly as planned as Elijah, Jenard’s best friend, is killed and Liliana is also kidnapped, which leads to Tommy nearly getting shot and killed.

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