What’s On Tonight: James Lee Isn’t Going to Like This

09.01.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

Surviving the Cut (Discovery) — Despite James Lee’s demand that “All programs promoting War and the technology behind those must cease,” this episode about the training for Reconnaissance Marines is still a go. Although they were the heroes of “Generation Kill,” Recon Marines don’t get the badass cred they deserve because the Marine Corps won’t turn over operational control of their Recon Battalions to the US’s Special Operations Command. Perhaps this episode can help change that; reader Lauren wrote in with this to say about tonight’s episode: “My uncle was a cameraman for the first seasons of ‘Deadliest Catch’ and ‘Everest’ on Discovery, but he told me that tonight’s episode of ‘Surviving the Cut’ includes, in his words, ‘some of the craziest stuff I’ve ever shot… period.'” Nice.

CMA Music Festival: Country Music’s Night to Rock (ABC) — Tim McGraw hosts this who’s-who of popular country music stars and Darius Rucker.

MasterChef (Fox) — I’m sorry, every time I see the name of this show I want it to be “Master Chief.” Any HALO players or naval personnel with me on this one?

Top Chef (Bravo) — The challenge is space-themed and features Buzz Aldrin. Anthony Bourdain serves as a guest judge, demands that space food should take him “higher,” wink wink, as he taps his nose.

Confessions: Animal Hoarding (Animal Planet) — TV Guide: “A young couple’s 80 cats causes concern for their families.” Oh yeah, eighty’s where you draw the line. Fifty, sixty cats — totally normal. But eighty’s too many.

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