What’s On Tonight: ‘Kung-Fu’ Prepares For Battle On The CW, And Netflix Releases Three New Titles

Kung Fu (CW, 8:00pm) — A mid-twenties Chinese-American woman, takes a life-changing journey to an isolated Chinese monastery after dropping out of college. Upon her return, she must banish crime and corruption in her hometown with her newfound martial arts skills and Shaolin values, all in the name of justice. This week, Nicky’s attempt to readjust back to life in said hometown isn’t going well, and the same goes for Jin’s life in general. Naturally, they handle this mutual issue in vastly different ways.

Why Did You Kill Me? (Netflix film) — This chilling true-crime documentary film follows a mother’s search for both justice and revenge after her daughter (24-year-old Crystal Theobald) is killed. The mother uses MySpace to investigate the crime, and there’s immense fallout for multiple families as a result.

Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! (Netflix series) — Jamie Foxx is now playing a dad, y’all. He’s doing full-time duties for a teenage daughter while juggling business ownership and some semblance of a personal life. Good luck, Jamie Foxx, because life is total chaos, so you might as well embrace that face. The series also stars Kyla-Drew (as the lucky daughter who gets to laugh at dad), David Alan Grier, and Porscha Coleman.

The Circle: Season 2 (Netflix series) — The social-media-focused reality show continues with plenty of shade, twists, shade, turn, and more twists. This season, eight fresh contestants will attempt to figure out who is catfishing and who is real. My goodness, this looks dizzying and maybe a little bit depressing, but people can’t stop watching, so maybe you’ll get sucked in, too? Good luck.

Nancy Drew (CW, 9:00pm) — Nancy and her crew must save one of their own while Ryan is distracted by his very compelling conversation with Celia. Focus, Ryan.

Snowfall (FX, 10:00pm) — The John Singleton-co-created series sees Teddy trying to save his own butt (operation- and career-wise) while Franklin is battling to survive.

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert — Willie Geist, Maria Bakalova

The Late Late Show With James Corden — Keith Urban, Jon Batiste

Late Night With Seth Meyers — Gayle King, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Anderson East

In case you missed these picks from last Wednesday:

This Is a Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art Heist (Netflix series) — Settle in for this revisiting and exploration of the so-called “biggest art heist in history.” Over four parts, this documentary series will dig into the 1990 St. Patrick’s Day heist, which saw over half a billion dollars worth of legendary works stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. Rembrandts and everything! The series promises to dig into all the dead ends and lucky breaks that this unsolved mystery has to offer.

Exterminate All The Brutes (HBO Max) — This four-part documentary series tells a story of survival with a powerful message. Prepare to witness a search for truth and an scrutinization of how history is written, and expect to watch this show while reexamining much of what you thought you knew about European colonialism, American slavery, and Native American genocide. Tonight, Parts 1 and 2 revisit the U.S.’ legacy as a colonial power, including stories of Christopher Columbus and Trail of Tears, as told from an indigenous perspective.

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