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The Real World: Washington, D.C. (MTV) — Season premiere. You know what would make this good? Get rid of everyone and replace them with the cast of “Jersey Shore.”

Eastwick (ABC) — Dead show walkin’! Jerry O’Connell, AKA the guy who got Rebecca Romijn after John Stamos, guest stars on his wife’s show — as her friend’s love interest. I wonder if it turns Rebecca on to watch. You think they’re freaky like that?

Holiday Bowl: Arizona vs. Nebraska (ESPN) — I recommend the Holiday Bowl drinking game. Much as I hate to admit it, I’m rooting for Nebraska, although I’d appreciate it if Ndamukong Suh could lower his draft stock a little. I really don’t want the Rams to get him with the first pick.

The Imploders (TLC) — Series premiere. Buckle your sweatpants and hold on to your ham sandwich, because it’s a show on TLC I don’t automatically hate: a family goes around the country and implodes buildings. Forecast: 100% chance of slo-mo.

A Girl’s Life (PBS) — An examination of four teen girls and how they deal with issues like cyber-bullying, body image, and other problems of modern female adolescence, featuring interviews with psychologists, social workers, and parents in their quest to help girls grow up to be confident, independent women. I suggest an absent father and a strong diet of fashion magazines. Wait. No. That’s the recipe for “stripper.” Okay, yeah, that’s what I suggest.

COMING TOMORROW: The best of Warming Glow in 2009.

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