What’s On Tonight: A Blumhouse TV True Crime Series, ‘Relentless,’ On Discovery+

Relentless (Discovery+) — This Blumhouse Television/Stick Figure Entertainment series releases three episodes of this journey by an obsessive filmmaker (Christina Fontana) to uncover what really happened to a missing young woman (Christina Whittaker), a 21-year-old who left a 6-month-old child behind in Missouri. Less than a year later, Fontana touched base with the family and soon found herself staring down a trail of conspiracies and betrayal while becoming part of the story. Fontana soon realized how accounts lacked consistency across the board during interviews, and it’s fair to say that the filmmaker risked her own career and safety while bringing this story to her audience.

The Republic Of Sarah (CW, 9:00pm) — This show follows the ending of tranquility of Greylock, N.H., after a stash of valuable coltan leads to new overlords, and a rebellious teacher (Sarah Cooper) steps in to halt the madness. Soon enough, there’s the prospect of Greylock becoming a sovereign nation, which will present problems of its own. This week, Sarah enlists a trio of spunky teenagers when New Hampshire’s governor attempts to seal Greylock’s borders.

All American (CW, 8:00pm) — Spencer starts to look toward the future with his high school football career coming to a close, as Jordan and Asher are also feeling similar anxiety.

In case you missed this pick from last Monday:

I’ll Be Gone In The Dark: Special Episode (HBO series on HBO Max) — The one-year anniversary of Joseph James DeAngelo’s guilty plea as the Golden State Killer fast approaches. So, HBO’s revisiting the dogged investigating efforts of true-crime blogger Michelle McNamara after the revolutionary docuseries of 2020. Original series director Liz Garbus will be back to produce alongside Patton Oswalt (McNamara’s husband at the time of her death) and true-crime writers Paul Haynes and Billy Jensen (who helped piece together McNamara’s research into the book) for a special episode, which contains revelations about another case that informed McNamara’s true-crime obsession.

Here’s a worthy selection from over the weekend:

False Positive (Hulu film) — Hide your uteruses! Pierce Brosnan is the worst fertility doctor. As if being a woman wasn’t hard enough, Hulu (through this A24 film) will give us even more fuel to dread going to a gynecologist, or baby doctor, or fertility whiz, or whatever term you want to use. Ilana Glazer stars as one half of a couple, alongside Justin Theroux, who seeks to become pregnant, and things aren’t exactly going well with the natural route. And from there, things get all Rosemary’s Baby in a very 2021 way, and in an entertaining way, too, while everyone slowly realizes that something is simply not right with Brosnan’s Dr. Awesome. From there, the this trailer shows how the gaslighting really kicks in, and could it be… Satan?