What’s On Tonight: ‘We Are Who We Are’ Tears Its Own Little World Apart

We Are Who We Are (HBO, 10:00pm EST) — The gang’s beginning to fall apart amid their disagreements about Colonel Wilson, who’s tearing the base apart, which says a lot, considering that it’s a microcosm of the United States at large. As troubles mount, Caitlin freezes her self discovery, but Danny plows full steam ahead with hit. This show is Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino’s first stab at a TV series, and it will appeal to the Euphoria audience while they await Season 2.

Filthy Rich (FOX, 9:00pm EST) — Franklin heads to Mardi Gras, and it’s not only for fun but a worthy cause? Alright. In the meantime, Margaret’s annoyed by Reverend Paul and Eric, and Ginger gets pulled into that hot mess.

One Day At A Time (CBS, 10:00pm EST) — Alex and Penelope are at odds over practical matters while Schneider and Avery deal with an awkward Dr. Berkowitz situation. Then The Alvarezes get romantic with their significant others during the supermoon.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon — Sterling K. Brown, Zoe Lister-Jones, Rina Sawayama

Late Night With Seth Meyers — Gwen Stefani, Giancarlo Esposito

In case you missed these picks from last week:

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (Amazon Prime film) – Sacha Baron’s most beloved character is back and still funny, even if racism in America isn’t nearly as shocking in 2020. With this followup, formally titled Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, the “victims” become the performers, and Borat’s “daughter” is along for the ride. You’ve heard about the Rudy Giuliani scene, so watch it now, and then check out Borat’s response to Rudy’s explanation, as well as Cohen’s out-of-character remarks.

The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix series) – This chess-centered drama is a surprisingly interesting and tightly paced show. It’s also a meditation upon addiction and danger and what it means to be a champion, all wrapped up in a coming-of-age tale about a boozy grandmaster in the making. As fictional prodigy Beth Harmon, Anya Taylor-Joy’s piercing gaze is here to demonstrate how a board game can look like a battlefield in Scott Frank’s adaptation of the Walter Tevis novel. The supporting cast (including Marielle Heller as a tragic 1950s housewife, Moses Ingram as a kickass childhood friend, and Harry Melling and Thomas Brodie-Sangster as gameplay rivals) also crushes the game

How To With John Wilson (Friday, HBO 11:00 p.m.) — This comedy docuseries launches with John Wilson dissecting the careful balancing act of making small talk, with all its ups and downs. Wilson also spoke with us about capturing the intimacy and absurdity of life in New York with a “psychotic amount” of footage.

Unsolved Mysteries: Vol. 2 (Netflix series) – The next batch of cold-case deep dives is here to spook the hell out of you. We ranked the six episodes — which include a mysterious death in a luxury hotel, the disappearance and murder of a Washington insider, and a mass haunting following a tsunami — that invite citizen detectives to do their thing. This reinvigorated take on the classic series comes from the original creators, who teamed up with the Stranger Things production company, and hopefully, some justice and closure can be found for victims’ families.