‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Viewers Can’t Believe How Many Times It Took Contestants To Solve This Simple Puzzle

What’s in the water at Wheel of Fortune?

The game show has seen a string of facepalm-causing contestants lately, including one who shared “the most pointless story ever told,” another who made a costly mistake on a misheard lyric, and “Jurassic Park…Bodies?” There was also the worst sequence in Wheel of Fortune history, which was nearly topped during Wednesday night’s episode.

The category was “What Are You Doing?”, which is what I said to my television after contestants Seann, Michele, and Crystal all failed to correctly guess the following: “RENTING A PEDA_ BOAT.” Pretty easy, right? Well… Seann’s first guess was “Renting a Paddle Boat” (nope). Michele hoped the missing letter was an “M” (it was not). Crystal spun the wheel and, with clear hesitation in her voice, asked Pat and Vanna for a “W” (the only letter was she was posting was an L). Seann eventually got it, but not before him and his fellow contestants were the main characters of Wheel Twitter.

Sajak recently tweeted a defense of Wheel of Fortune contestants who face “online ridicule when they make a mistake or something goes awry,” and asked at-home viewers to “cut them some slack. Unless you’re there, you have no idea how different it is in the studio.” That’s probably true, but also: IT’S PEDAL BOAT, YOU FOOLS.