A ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant’s ‘Jurassic Park’ Answer Was So Bad That Even The Movie’s Twitter Account Mocked Her

Wheel of Fortune, uh, found a way to humiliate one contestant.

On Wednesday’s episode of the legendary game show, contestant Tenaya wanted to solve the puzzle that read, “_URASSIC PARK _O_IES.” Pretty obvious, right? “JURASSIC PARK MOVIES.” There’s three of them (six if you include the Jurassic World trilogy), they made a lot of money, won some Oscars, directed by this Steven Spielberg guy. Well, ah ah ah, because that is not what poor Tenaya guessed.

“I’ll try and solve,” she said with obvious hesitation. “Jurassic Park… Bodies?”

As noted by Decider, “To make matters even worse, she missed out on over $10,000 and a trip to the bonus round because of her huge mistake.” Oops. Tenaya’s incorrect answer went viral and even caught the attention of the Jurassic World Twitter account, which tweeted, “Ho__ on__ y_ur b___s.” (Hold on to your… beads?”)

Others joined in:

To be fair, there are bodies in Jurassic Park. Both humans and dinosaurs. Maybe that’s what she meant (it’s not what she meant). Anyway, remember when that one contestant didn’t win a car because of an infuriating technicality, but then Audi gave her one anyway? Spielberg should do the same thing for Tenaya, except instead of a car, it’s a ticket to see Jurassic World Dominion. And heck, throw in a car, too.

(Via Decider)