You Will Cringe At The Worst Sequence In ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ History

Before we begin, go and do something that brings you joy. Maybe crack open something to drink, or pet your dog, or listen to a song you really enjoy. I am advising you to do this because there is a chance the following video from Wheel of Fortune is going to ruin your night.

Alright, so, Tuesday night’s episode of the long-running television show, a puzzle with the very vague category “PHRASE” popped up. The contestants got far enough down the road that we found ourselves, following Laura’s decision to buy an “O,” in the situation depicted in the picture at the top of this post. Laura tried to solve, guessing “Another feather in your hat.” A good guess! But Pat Sajak let her know that was not correct, and as such, things moved on to Christopher.

Not much of note happened there, as Christopher wanted a “G” but didn’t get one. Totally fine, let’s move to Thomas … ah heck, bankrupt, ok! Back to Laura, who once again tried to solve, and went with “Another feather in your lap.” Nope, not it, Christopher! You’re up pal. Let’s get a spin and $900 and a guess, this time a “D.” Nope! Thomas, back to you. Oh no! A lose a turn! Unfortunate.

It is at this point where I will drop in the video. Sorry.

You can’t really fault Laura for trying to get that little bit of extra cash — it’s the whole objective of the show! — and “P” is a good letter to guess. But then hitting everyone with “MAP” for the last word was just gutting … AND THEN CHRISTOPHER WENT BANKRUPT.

Congratulations to Thomas for, mercifully, spinning and not having something catastrophic happen. He guessed “C” and then solved the puzzle. It is quite the feather in his hat/lap/map/cap. We’ve seen some particularly bad moments on Wheel in the past, and this is as hard to swallow as any.