Where Be They Now: Riff Raff Of MTV’s ‘From G’s To Gents’

Senior Writer
07.29.11 16 Comments

Much like our fair leader, Ufford, I am not a big fan of reality television. I have a few starving scribe friends out in L.A., so I respect original ideas while I loathe the celebrification of fat Armenian women. But there’s a drawback to my reality boycott. I’ve never had the pleasure of knowing Riff Raff until now, and I almost feel like I’ve been missing out on a true star.

First introduced to the world in season 2 of the MTV series From G’s to Gents, Riff Raff is an aspiring rapper from Houston with his own unique take on the English language. As an independent rapper, he used his MTV fame to his advantage, recording and performing as MTV Riff Raff. But last month, Mr. Raff was signed to Soulja Boy’s label, SODMG, so he is now known as Riff Raff SODMG. Pretty simple, I guess.

But if you’re unfamiliar with Riff Raff’s musical offerings, then you are missing out. After the jump, I’ve included his latest masterpiece, “Loud Pack,” as well as his other various classics, and a few of his many YouTube videos that feature his worldy advice and thoughts. Your lives are about to change.

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