Where Can You Stream Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Comedy Series ‘Servant Of The People’?

Following his repeated demonstrations of bravery in the face of the ongoing Russian invasion, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has become a worldwide hero. Naturally, this increased attention has led to interest in his previous career as a comedian/actor, which has seen a tremendous spike in sales for his comedy series, Servant of the People, as TV networks and streaming platforms across the globe started scrambling to offer the show to subscribers. What’s even more incredible is the plot of the series, which literally manifested itself in real life. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

The sitcom sees Zelensky playing an ordinary man who accidentally becomes president of Ukraine. First broadcast in 2016, Servant of the People was a huge hit in Ukraine, so much so that it helped Zelensky launch a real-life political career. His ground roots political party, also called Servant of the People, helped him to a resounding victory in 2019 when he was elected president with an overwhelming majority.

Servant of the People ran for three seasons and also had a spinoff movie, and international networks are eagerly snatching up licensing rights following Zelensky’s defiant efforts to protect Ukraine’s independence from Russia. As for where to watch it in the United States, Servant of the People was available for Netflix during Zelensky’s presidential run, but the rights expired, leaving the series “up for grabs,” according to The Wrap. As of this writing, no major streaming platform has snatched the show up, but we’re guessing that won’t be the case for long as the world continues to rally around Zelensky and the people of Ukraine.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter, The Wrap)