Who Does Justin Combs Play In ‘Power Book II: Ghost?’

Power Book II: Ghost is well into the second half of its third season and there’s plenty of drama that’s gone down so far, with a lot more left in store for viewers as the season wraps up. We won’t spoil anything for you all (you can check out our weekly recaps here for that), but in the last episode of Power Book II: Ghost, fans were greeted by a different kind of surprise. In episode six, “Land Of Lies,” Diana, along with friends BruShandria (played by LightSkinKeisha) and Becca Weston (played by Samantha Culter) were seen partying in a dorm room with none other than Justin Combs, who as many of us know, is the son of music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Who Does Justin Combs Play In Power Book II: Ghost?

After viewers caught his appearance on Power Book II: Ghost, they began to wonder about the full nature of his role in the show’s third season. All we know at the moment is that Justin’s character’s name is King. He’s friends with BruShandria and Becca, but is not in the same notorious class that the latter two share with Tariq, Effie, and Diana as we’ve yet to see him in that room through the show’s six episodes in season three. We’ll have to wait and see if we learn anything else about Justin’s role in season three of Power Book II: Ghost through future episodes.

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