What Will Happen On ‘Game Of Thrones’ If Tommen Ends Up Being The Next To Die?

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06.25.16 3 Comments


WARNING: Possible spoilers for Sunday’s Game of Thrones finale are ahead. Read at your own risk.

Look, plenty of things are likely to happen on this Sunday’s finale for Game of Thrones. One of the prevailing thoughts is that King Tommen is going to bite the dust, leaving a big gaping hole on the Iron Throne and opening up speculation on who will be the next walk in and take a seat.

If it’s Game of Thrones, you know there are theories flying around. Some are pretty solid, like the Ceglane Bowl or the R+L = J theory. Then there are some that are just pretty crazy and out there, like Arya being her own assassin. They’re all usually entertaining, but Tommen seems to have drawn quite a few theory makers into this process.

First comes the way that he will go in the series. Will it be in a massive wildifire blaze that has been hinted at numerous times throughout the series? This seems interesting given the hidden caches of the stuff all around King’s Landing, but it also isn’t a sure bet. There’s another rumor that Tommen is going to kill himself by launching himself from the top of the Red Keep. As noted, this could be due to his desire to flee from being burned alive, but who knows. He’s prophecised to die, though.

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