Whoopi Goldberg Called Bill Cosby A ‘Serial Rapist’ On ‘The View’

As of few days ago, Bill Cosby lost most of his prominent public support after his admission to drugging women for sex went public. Only Whoopi Goldberg and Camille Cosby were willing to go down with the perverted ship. Now Whoopi has grabbed a lifeboat and paddled away from the burning inferno.

On the Tuesday morning edition of The View, Whoopi gained clarification on the Cosby situation from news and legal analyst Dan Abrams. After talking with Abrams for awhile, Whoopi made a surprising turn in perspective. Last week, she told critics, “Back off me!” Whoopi believed Cosby wasn’t guilty because he wasn’t sitting in prison. Thanks to Abram’s measured explanation, Whoopi suddenly feels differently:

“You got a serial rapist, he’s been on the streets for 30 years. I have to say I thought that yeah, here’s all the information, take his ass to jail. I find out from you that that’s not possible. So I can’t say any more ‘innocent until proven guilty’ because there’s no way to prove it. We are the only proof that folks have. We’re the only backup they have.

“Yes. You know, so we know. It looks bad, Bill. Either speak up or shut up. Because people know now that there’s a lot more out there than they thought. Thank you. Also, please contact your state representative and ask about the statute of limitations on cases like these.”

It sounds like Whoopi stepped away from the dark side, but this could also be a public relations spin on the part of The View execs. Whoopi has been so vocal in her unwavering support of Cosby. She alienated her fellow panel members, angered the show’s audience and didn’t seem to care. Radar Online spoke to an insider who say Whoopi was pressured by ABC to publicly renounce her ties to Cosby. This is definitely possible, but at least the House of Cosby continues to crumble.

(via ABC – The View & Radar)