Now We Know Why Maggie Is So Important To Next Season’s ‘The Walking Dead’

04.15.18 1 year ago 3 Comments


There has been a great deal of talk the last couple of months about the return of Maggie Rhee in the ninth season of The Walking Dead. Contract negotiations for the next season of The Walking Dead stalled with Lauren Cohan way back in February when Cohan asked to be paid on par with Daryl and Rick. A few weeks later, then-showrunner Scott Gimple even stated that it’s possible that the show would not have her next season, although two weeks after that, Gimple said that he was confident she’d be back. “I shan’t even entertain the thought.” Gimple said, “We’re talking; I’m pretty positive. We’re figuring it out. The timing could work well, so all good.” In the meantime, Cohan signed on to a pilot for another network, ABC, although it is not yet guaranteed to go to air.

Some questioned Cohan’s role in the future of the series. While her character continues to live on in The Walking Dead comics, her role is not what it once was in the series when Glenn was still alive, and it seemed like now might be a good time for her to jump ship.

However, the season eight finale of The Walking Dead threw us all for a loop when Maggie teased her role in the future of the series. While some may have agreed with Rick’s decision to follow the spirit of Carl and let Negan live, Maggie was not one of them. Her reaction to Rick letting Negan remain alive can be described in one word: livid.

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