Will Ferrell And Kevin Hart Will Lip-Sync With Jimmy Fallon On The Post-Super Bowl ‘Tonight Show’

When a network wins the right to broadcast The Super Bowl, they don’t just get the ad-revenue and big ratings that come with it, they also get the privilege of using the hours after the game as a showcase for either new shows or stalwarts that will keep the party going. This year, NBC is running a special episode of The Blacklist and an episode of The Tonight Show that will be staged at the site of the big game in Phoenix, Arizona before Fallon takes his show to Los Angeles for a week of shows. And apparently, Fallon will lip sync with Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell during the Super Bowl episode, which will also see Ariana Grande perform. Will she sing? Will she juggle? No one knows. This isn’t Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, sometimes The Roots play percussion with household items. This sh*t is crazy.

Fallon’s Lip Sync battles have become a sensation over the last year, leading to the development of an LL Cool J-hosted stand-alone show. Where will Hart and Ferrell rank when the dust clears after the Super Bowl? We already know that Ferrell is a musically inclined force of nature who is blessed with the sinewy body of a 1970s rock God and always game to go all-in to get a laugh, so he’s the ultimate wild card and a sure bet to “win” the competition. That is, unless Hart embodies Skee-Lo and breaks off a “performance” of “I Wish (I Was A Little Bit Taller)” — a move that would put a crack in the ass of the the internet.

Source: EW