Will There Be An ‘All American’ Season 6?

(WARNING: Spoilers for All American will be found below.)

Earlier this week, season five of All American came to a close and it ended on quite a shocking note. After nearing letting Olivia (played by Samantha Logan) fly to London without speaking his truth, Spencer (played by Daniel Ezra) rushed to the airport to catch her in just the nick of time. As we waited for them to do for pretty much all of season five, Olivia and Spencer finally re-confessed their love for each other, but their next step would have to wait as Olivia will spend the next three months in London.

Shortly, after viewers would see Patience (played by Chelsea Tavares) get stabbed by Miko (played by Courtney Bandeko) in what’s been a wild turn of events in their turbulent relationship. Altogether, this eventful conclusion to season five has fans wondering about season six, especially with all the questions surrounding CW’s shows and their futures. Luckily for fans, there’s an answer about season six of All American.

Will There Be An All American Season 6?

There will indeed be a sixth season of All American! The show was renewed for another round of episodes at the beginning of 2023, but at the moment, there is no schedule for its release as CW has yet to share its fall schedule. With the WGA strike still in progress and the plethora of changes in store for CW, it remains to be seen how things play out. However, fans can be assured that a sixth season of All American will arrive into their hands sooner than later.

‘All American’ season 5 will be available to stream on Netflix on May 23.