Wyatt Cenac’s ‘Problem Areas’ Gets Its First Blissful Trailer

We are faced with many problems as a nation, ranging from the profound to the trivial. And Wyatt Cenac can’t solve all of them, but, hey, that doesn’t mean he can’t come up with solutions. Maybe not realistic ones, but hey, any port in a brainstorm.

Problem Areas, Cenac’s new HBO series, has Cenac going out and looking at our nation’s systemic issues by visiting them where they’re most pressing and seeing what he can do to help. Whenever he’s not trying to solve the big problems, he’ll tackle the little ones, figuring out solutions to life’s little inconveniences. And there will also be in-studio segments addressing current events, which will have a degree of social media engagement, because really you’re nobody in America until you’ve gotten dunked on by a comedian on Twitter.

Joking aside, it should be a sharp contrast to see Cenac’s comedic sensibility applied to the current-events-meets-comedy genre of late-night TV. Cenac’s a thoughtful comedian and has the rare ability to work as easily in fiction and non-fiction (see his work on King of The Hill and People Of Earth,) and going out in the field will offer a contrast to HBO’s other Daily Show alum, John Oliver. We’ll see what Cenac does to solve our problems April 13th on HBO.

(via HBO)